Monday, September 23, 2013


My eyes were opened this past week to one of the Pikes Peak Region's best kept secrets. The Secret Window Fine Arts Gallery that is. Located in Monument, the Secret Window houses some truly incredible artwork. Director Anthony Tomas Archuleta both runs the gallery and creates his own work out of the space. Archuleta works in oils as well as buon fresco, a unique style of painting that demands intense focus and a rapid pace of production.
Gallery director and artist, A.T. Archuleta.

Further secrets were revealed as Anthony took us on a tour of the gallery's property- a stunning grassy area that hosts a variety of events, such as weddings, art shows and work shops.

This gallery is truly a must-see. Visit their website or take a pit stop next time you are rushing up I-25!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Contemporary Radar

For those seeking access to contemporary art in our region, look no further than the gallery spaces hosted by our local colleges. Both the IDEA Space at Colorado College and UCCS' GOCA (and GOCA 121) continuously offer stunning exhibits accompanied by must-go events. 

The lineup last week included the opening of "Systems and Subversions" at the IDEA Space, a show of works that create, examine, and/or disrupt natural and artificial systems. Featured artists include Nurit Bar-Shai, John Cohrs, Scott Johnson, Graham Wakefield, Haru Ji and Marina Zurkow. The exhibited works utilize a variety of media, including many highly technical processes, but each invite participation and engagement by the viewer. "Systems and Subversions" is on display until November 5th.

Artist Scott Johnson presents his work at the opening of "Systems and Subversions"

In addition to GOCA's lineup of cutting edge exhibits each season, director, Daisy McConnell, and development and events professional, Jessie Pocock, offer further reason to visit their gallery space with a schedule of out of this world events. On Friday, September 6th GOCA hosted Lunch Beat, a concept that started in Sweden in 2010. The Lunch Beat manifesto dictates that hosts must provide a one hour DJ set, a take-away lunch and free water. Most importantly, all attendees must dance.

Fridays just got a bit more casual.
For more information about IDEA Space and GOCA events visit the galleries websites at and

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Shakespeare Summer Night

If you did not have a chance to make it to Theatreworks' production of Cymbeline at Rock Ledge Ranch, you truly missed out! The show is officially sold out for its closing weekend, and it is no surprise to us.

Cymbeline, known as one of Shakespeare's wildest and most enchanting romances, tells the story of a charming heroine, a wicked queen, a sinister seducer, a banished husband, a perfect clod and a visitor from Olympus. Theatreworks' cast consists of eleven actors, each playing anywhere from one to five different roles. Highlights include actress Susan Maris' passionate portrayal of heroine Imogen, as well as the split personality of actor Nick Henderson as both husband Posthumous and sly Cloten, and Anthony Michael Martinez's baffling ability to alternate genders from one scene to the next.

The stunning Rock Ledge Ranch provides an ideal location for witnessing Shakespeare's creation come to life. Make sure to keep Theatreworks' annual Shakespeare in the Park production on your radar for next summer! And in the mean time, check out their entire 2013-14 season line up.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Build Ivywild" Book Review

In case my previous entry did not emphasize just how much is going on at the newly renovated Ivywild School these days, here is a review of authors James Fennell and Lola Scobey's new book titled Build Ivywild. Thank you to Laura Ettinger of Moxie Girl PR for the review!

And make sure to check out Ivywild's Grand Opening celebration this weekend!

Build Ivywild
Can mingling different businesses bring greater prosperity? Can neighborhood buildings and spaces produce happiness? Can the sun and wind actually improve a person’s well-being? Build Ivywild answers these and similar questions in words and sketches that are designed for everyone – from entrepreneurs and small business owners to government officials to students to neighborhood advocates.
In this real-life story of awakening an old school, Build Ivywild offers a blueprint for environmental, business, and cultural sustainability. It provides solutions for maintaining social and cultural well-being while achieving economic prosperity and creating healthy environments. 
Build Ivywild provides an in-depth chronology of the design, approval, and funding process for repurposing the old Ivywild School, but it accomplishes much more. It sets a new standard for organizing businesses, designing buildings, and creating community. It champions a new culture. . . Ivywild changes everything!”
—Jamie LaRue, Director
    Douglas County Libraries, Colorado
Written by James Fennell and Lola Scobey, Build Ivywild is for entrepreneurs, design students, neighborhood advocates – anyone who is seeking highly efficient, profitable, and compassionate ways of conducting business, building things, and living one’s life. The principal theme of this book urges us to move beyond simply identifying problems and offering criticism: It delineates practical, achievable solutions for being healthy, wealthy, and wise.

In the journey to repurpose a brick-and-mortar school into a model neighborhood redevelopment, the anchor tenant just so happens to be a successful brewery (designed to use leftover rinse water and spent grain to irrigate and fertilize a greenhouse)! Using a three-part design approach that balances environmental, functional, and cultural concerns, Build Ivywild offers a blueprint for true sustainability. It proposes to revitalize and inspire our communities – and our nation – one neighborhood at a time. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wild for Ivywild

There may be no greater word than cusp.  The natural excitement and anticipation this single word can evoke is enough to make me want to say it ten times fast (which, after many failed attempts, I believe to be impossible).

Recently I have heard the term cusp used repeatedly to describe the status of our Pikes Peak region. Creative, innovative things are on the horizon for this community, especially within the realm of arts and culture, and boy are we excited!

If there is any indication of the transformation occurring in this community it is the brilliant transformation of the Ivywild School. Built in 1916, the stunning original schoolhouse architecture is now home to Bristol Brewery, the Old School Bakery, the Principal's Office, the Meat Locker, the ModboCo School of Art, and has many more projects in the works.

In addition to offering incredible food and drink to enjoy, providing local art to view, and hosting the weekly Colorado Farm and Art Market (every Wednesday from 3-7), Ivywild also knows how to throw a great party. This week's agenda included both the opening of the inaugural art exhibition, Revamp'd, curated by Holly Parker Dearborn, and a free concert by Wisconsin-based indie band, PHOX. The talent on both occasions was outstanding. And the drinks weren't so shabby either.

Posing with Revamp'd artist, Andy Tirado.

Curator, Holly Parker Dearborn, and attendees admire Tirado's suspended sculpture.

Set up for the PHOX performance in the Principal's Office.

A packed house for PHOX!

Come out to the Ivywild School this Tuesday for Bristol Brewery's Karma Hour! A dollar from every beer will benefit Peak Arts Fund, COPPeR's unified arts fund that benefits 18 local arts organizations. The campaign is in its final weeks and is on the cusp of reaching our goal of $50,000!

Until next time.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

One More Week!

There is only one week left in COPPeR's call for artists for our Art in Storefronts project!

Art in Storefronts is an urban revitalization project designed to reactivate vacant store windows by inserting non-commercial art installations, creative businesses or pop-up shops in order to brighten the downtown area, increase foot traffic, and showcase local artists. Not only do the art installations give positive publicity to available properties downtown, but it is also a chance for local artists to have their work seen by a wider audience. By integrating art directly into the downtown community the project helps increase accessibility to the arts for all.

Visit our website today to download an application! All submissions are due by July 10th at 11:59 p.m. and will be reviewed by a jury of prominent community leaders.

And make sure to look for the project openings on August 2nd!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Whatta Weekend

Hope everyone made it out of the house this beautiful weekend and to at least one of the many incredible arts events that happened in the community!

I was lucky enough to represent Peak Radar at the Mountain of the Sun Festival held by the Pikes Peak Community Foundation in Woodland Park-- a beautifully rainy afternoon celebrating Americana music, stunning scenery and tasty treats.

The main stage lineup included the talented Flying W Wranglers, Shel, The Farewell Drifters, The Abrams Brothers, and headliner Tony Furtado Band. Additionally the festival featured a second stage, showcasing performers Brendan Hannigan and Emily Earl along with others, powered entirely by bicycle!

And what Colorado music festival would be complete without some impromptu sunshine and good ol' dancing?

This weekend's activities also included a trip to Green Mountain Falls for the Greenbox Arts Festival. Running from June 23-July 13, this arts festival features daily workshops, lectures, and performances, as well as a chance to experience artist Tomas Saraceno's monumental sculpture, Cloud City.
[Taken during installation in early June]

They are still in need of volunteers to help monitor the Cloud City experience! If interested, visit the festival's website and click on "volunteer."

Want to share a story? Email your reviews and anecdotes about a fun time you've had experiencing the art in the Pikes Peak region to